Pain changes the quality of life. Without any regard, it constrains our work and pleasure habits and, in addition, induces fear and anxiety. The one who is afflicted by pain can lose the hallmark of his or her personality as a result. No matter how great are the advancements of medical research and success, the uncontrolled pain will gradually paralyze capacity to work, to nurture relationships, to carry out assignments and to enjoy pleasures of life. What is needed is a pioneer venture where traditional and modern methods of pain control will also meet the secret resources of healing which remain uncultivated in the uncharted depths of human spirit and natural health recovery.

In our commitment to offer an easy-to-understand, a do-it-yourself method that combines medical and holistic approaches with our own uniquely constructed method focused on awareness-raising exercises, we present short videos which will guide you to greater self- reliant pain healing and control. Once familiarized with the method, you can apply its beneficial function to whatever circumstances you find yourself: home, traveling, on your job, vacationing.

Be assured that what we offer is established by time and success-proven medical and holistic practice. From that point of view we move in the mainstream of reliable healing methods. In an exclusive package we integrate in our healing procedures an additional “feeling therapy factor”, which enhances the effectiveness of our method beyond belief. In this approach what is primarily important is not only healing exercises which aim to relaxation and increase of the functionality of our body, but more importantly the connection between exercises and awareness of the feelings produced by the exercises.

As a background information, please know that our method is rooted in scientific and therapeutic work of “The Prague Rehab School”, especially in the legacy of Vaclav Vojta, Vladimir Janda, Karel Lewit, Jirout, Francis Velet, all of them university professors of medicine and researchers. We may also add international personalities like A. Brugger(CH), Robin McKenzie (NZ), T.W. Meyer(USA), Kenso Akashi (J). These trailblazers established conditions and orientations for contemporary approaches in holistic healing.

Grounding our method on such a renown past, we devised a unique approach which does not require a comprehensive – and often very extensive and technical – knowledge, but rather do-it-yourself approach, through audio visuals showing step by step of how to connect therapeutic exercises to the awareness of pain (feeling), and also to choose from a vast palette of helpful exercises of what could be the best application tailored to each one’s individual needs.

We hope to make it into an interactive communication offering you the possibility to ask for clarifications, send us suggestions, explore new possibilities.


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