Q: How it is possible to enroll a new event?
A: New event you can register in this way. First you have to register as an organizer responsible for the event. If you are already registered, then complete the registration form about your event and send it via internet.

Q: Is it necessary to pay a fee?
A: No, all essential services are covered by donations and contributions from people are fans of this activity. If you like it, please donate.

Q: Can we also publish our volunteer activities, financial or material collection?
A: Yes, you can. But the publication of these activities is possible only under specific conditions set by legislation.

Q: What can I expect when I publish our event or activity through web PhilipNeri.org?
A: You can expect, that you can get for your good and beneficial activities even larger group of people on the web site and social networks Facebook and Twitter. And you can increase awareness out about your activity and reach a broader group of people who can participate in it or support it.


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