xMedClinics.com - partnership

xMedClinics.com - partnership

In September 2019, St. Philip Neri Healing Ministries became a partner in international project xMedClinics.com. This project was founded by overseas prime specialists, healthcare providers, and international treatment management professionals, supported by non-profit organizations from America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.
Today, xMedClinics is a maverick in providing healthcare abroad. Its approach is based on specialists instead of hospitals. The best specialists work in more than one hospital and can direct patients much better to the facility suitable to the patient's needs and financial limits. 
The goal of xMedClinics is to deliver affordable but still first-class health care to employers of participating employees, uninsured or incompletely insured individuals, people seeking treatment abroad, and people needing special medical procedures unavailable in their home country. 
Diagnostics and treatment are performed in a very strict way. The ask for a consultation, additional diagnostics, or treatment can be applied only via the patient's practitioner, employee's doctor, or specialists licensed in the patient's home country.   All the necessary pieces of information are communicated directly between specialists. The final recommendation for the patient is delivered to the patient's physician and to the patient or defined relatives if the patient is under 18 years aged, is unconscious, or has other limitations.
We believe that thanks to our participation in this wonderful international project, we will be able to help many people from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut to get a second medical opinion from world specialists, allow American patients to go for affordable and conscientious healthcare in the world best and verified hospitals. On the other side, we believe that for many overseas patients, it is an opportunity to get sophisticated or unique healthcare in the USA or Canada.
All our activities in this program are leaded by the St. Philip Neri's spirit of compassion and human dignity.
For more information, visit www.xmedclincis.com.


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