St. Philip Neri Medical Institute - in Rockland County

St. Philip Neri Medical Institute  - in Rockland County
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About this project

We are pleased to inform you that St. Philip Neri Healing Ministries is going to open a permanent consulting and education center for the residents of Rockland County, NY. 
St Philip Neri Medical Institute will be a free of charge educational and consulting office financed entirely from grants, donations, and sponsorship from our supporters. It will serve those who want to understand their health problems, to learn all available ways to fix them, to know how to avoid potential complications and what to pay attention to during treatment, as well as how to measure or notice any changes, and also how to relay your findings to medical professionals more effectively in order to decrease costs of the diagnostics or treatment and to avoid any medication overuse or misuse.
People will have the opportunity to be informed about available modalities that could be used to decrease their suffering, how to change their lifestyle and daily routine to perform work-sports-entertaining activities continuously despite any health limits, and how to provide home nursing or caregiving more effectively and compassionately on the part of the elderly's relatives.
At the institute, people will be able to receive the information about available European alternatives to one's treatment, information about medical professionals in Rockland County, New York State, or, generally, in the USA, who provide these procedures, or where such highest level professionals can be found in Europe. 
We want to bring the world's prime specialists to our low-income and poor community members to build a well-informed community which knows how to perform a self-management of selected chronic diseases, how to perform nursing and caregiving activities at home, how to communicate with medical specialists more effectively, thus avoiding medications overuse, and much more. Internationally experienced specialists coming from prime American and European clinics will be engaged in presentations, interactive courses, and training to show different approaches in treatment strategies, the timing of procedures, medications, physiotherapy, recovery, or supplements that are being used in Europe, USA, or Canada respectively. 
Our main priority is to establish an international multidisciplinary medical education center for volunteers, caregivers, nurses, and other medical professionals, to build a bridge between the American and European specialists, clinics, colleges, universities, and communities.
After 5 years of hard work, we have seen and considered the needs of communities from multiple different angles. We believe that together with other non-profit organizations, practitioners, universities, and local hospitals, we can build a sustainable entity useful for the people of Rockland County.
Thank you for all your support, sponsorship, grants, and individual donations for this project.
More details will be given on our websites and social profiles in the coming weeks.

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