COVID-19 Self-management during outbreak

COVID-19 Self-management during outbreak

The most important recommendations for self-management and proper protection during coronavirus outbreaks applied in the world.

Dear friends, neighbors, people living in the USA,
It's more than five years since we have begun our activities in the education of patients on how to perform self-management of chronic disease and pain symptoms. I have never before realized how important it can be to share our experiences between Europe, America, and other world's parts and to share the correct information in the right way, but at the right time. 
Today's COVID19 connects all of us, and it is no difference between us, no different based on the color of the skin, religion, or social level we live. 
All faiths have dealt with the challenge of keeping the faith alive under the adverse conditions of war or diaspora or persecution—but never all religions at the same time. 
This information is also for all of you; I present it on the base of my communication with my close Jewish friend, a leading physician from Prague, Czech Republic, my great friend, a catholic priest from Congers, NY, and other prime physicians from America, Europe, and China. 
At this moment I'm in Slovakia, in a tiny country with 5 millions of the citizens in the heart of Europe, on the boards between of pandemic area of Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and on the other hand, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, where is the situation more stable and where are much fewer patients requiring intensive hospital care at this moment. 
I want to tell you what we do here in Europe these days to prevent a disaster. We are ten days in front of the USA in the coronavirus infection outbreak. If you know what we do today, you will be better prepared and informed about what you can do to stop this infectious threat much sooner than we did. 
I will try to give you a regular update of information taken from prime specialists in microbiology, infectious diseases, public health, and my daily experience in the physician's office.
The main communication channel will be Facebook/Instragram and my friends - priests at New York Oratory of St. Philip Neri.
In this critical period of our lives, there are even more important words of St. Philip Neri, "Be good, if you can!"
Milan Vahovic, MD
Medical Director
St. Philip Neri Healing Ministries, Inc.


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